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About Us

Hi! I'm Aaron Damon

Who We Are

I am a second generation beekeeper with extensive experience keeping bees on Maui for over 7 years. I learned from my father who has been keeping bees for over 40 years. I personally managed over 200 colonies for a business in Kula for 3 years and now have my own apiary with 50 hives.

I am focused on natural beekeeping methods. Not using chemicals to treat hive issues. No antibiotics. No sugar syrups to feed. I believe that animals should evolve naturally to their environment.

I am also the owner of Damon Construction LLC, a small construction business on the island. I have 8 years of experience in the building, construction and maintenance field which is very handy when having to locate beehives inside structures and make precise cuts to open siding or drywall to remove bees.

My team and I will be happy to help you with any honey bee related issues you may be having.

Call For A Free Quote! 808 446 2857


What We Do

Our Mission is to keep the bee populations healthy and strong because they are a vital resource in agriculture and ecosystem health.

We remove and relocate bee hives that swarm into houses, businesses or any other unwanted location.

We provide hive management and consulting services

We breed and raise bee colonies and sell them.

We produce delicious local honey please let us know if you would like to buy some!

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